Idealized by Eliza Goldox and me, in a way to finally bring together my home land in our Collective projects, Zona Futuro in Niterói - Brazil, comes as a set of collective meetings workshops and activities within a group of participants for a collaborative reflection on issues and visions of the future related to work, investigating realities and fictions, crossing stories and places.
In Brazil half of the workers are informally employed. The world’s tense pandemic, capitalist and ecological state shook up the informal sector in many countries and pushed the need to radically think about new working modes, rights and freedom.
During the sessions, we read, understand and reflect artistically on fictional and existing work structures. We looked at visible and invisible labor, valued and devalued work framed by class, race, gender, politics, structures, borders and geographies. Hosted by the fiction-like Teatro Popular Oscar Niemeyer, the week long residency was closed with a collective performance open for the public and a round of discussion.