The last 50 years witnessed an accentuated decline in the traditional theological interest in western Europe, however something has been filling this emptiness in those souls. An inverted curve occurred in the tourism industry, where during the same time span, tourism increased in a 6-fold value. Paradoxically, churches are a notorious example of this change - the Notre-Dame De Paris yearly receives 13 Million visitors, while only a fourth of them claim Christian religion to be their motivation for the visit.

Long ago Plato wrote (or said) “The contemplation of beauty causes the soul to grow wings” ; the idea of this performance and film is to interpret the resurgence of this classic conception, with the replacement of the antiquated pilgrimages in search of holy sites by mass touristic vacation trips, offering large numbers of believers the opportunity to have beautiful and special moments at high viewpoints, promised by an industry to enrich their lives during the month-off, as well as to make the months-on worth surviving for. All this as long as the experience looks exclusive in the pictures.

In a two channel projection of absolute natural beauty juxtaposed with the plenty of visitors that are there to appreciate it, together with my performance, my idea was to create out of these elements something holy, ritual-like. The name is again here important to the understanding and connects (in a Portuguese word game) the worlds of religious mass, mass tourism industry and pasta. Recorded during residence in Norway.