The second work to come out of the Norwegian surroundings in 2017 has an amazing course of development. It outsets in an abandoned house nearby a shore of the Norwegian Sea in Møre og Romsdal region. Among the objects forgotten in the house, some exhibited traces of wealth, age and historical importance. 

The project “There Was a Man” grows from the research on the identity and life episodes of the former owner and dweller of this house. Studying and examining how this persons life is interlaced with its country, and world’s history was an intense and deeply emotional journey for me. 

For the exhibition Cultural Memory In The Present I purposed a multifaceted reconstruction of a part of this history, that mainly plays on the scape of this man from Norway to Shetland (Scotland) through the Shetland Bus route, during the German invasion and occupation of the country at the WWII; and on his return to his homeland as a trained pilot, to fight for the Allied Forces. The installation also examines how this story had at many times points of convergence with my own as a temporary inhabitant of the region.